VIP Information

Benefits as VIP

As VIP on Bollnas Team you get:


Sponsor BT

When you buy VIP, you support Bollnas Team financially, wich means that our servers could stay up and running for a longer time. It costs 50 SEK (Swedish crowns) per month (30 days) for one server, and you can of course be VIP on more than one server at a time.

Everyone can buy

Everyone who wants to buy VIP, are able to do it. If you abuse your VIP it will be taken away though, and you will get no money back.

Extend your time as VIP

If you want to extend your VIP time, you just buy VIP once again. 30 days will then be added to your current remaining time.

The VIP time is ticking 24/7

Your remaining time as VIP is not just ticking while you are playing, it is ticking all the time, even when you are banned.

How long will it take to get VIP after payment?

The time it takes from your payment until you get VIP, depends on two things; the payment method and LaineN's activity. If you pay with PayPal or SMS, the money will enter LaineN's bank account at the same time you send the money. If you on the other hand pay with a normal bank transfer, it will take one to three working days, except if you have the Swedish bank Handelsbanken. When LaineN has got the money, it is just up to him to see them, and make you to VIP. This could take some time, but your time as VIP does not start before LaineN adds you to the VIP list, so do not worry.

How to pay

You can make your payment for VIP in three different ways; SMS, PayPal or a normal bank transfer.


The easiest way to pay for your VIP, is probably to send an SMS. Unfortunately, this payment method is only available if you have a Swedish prepaid phone card or telephone subscription. It also costs 20 SEK extra (70 SEK) because of some different charges.

To pay with SMS, you shall simply send an SMS from your cellphone saying "BTVIP <server> <steamid>" to 72550. Of course, you shall change <server> to the server you want to buy VIP on, and <steamid> to your SteamID, like the examples below. If you do not know how to find your SteamID, you can see it at the bottom of How to pay. After you have sent the SMS, you shall send an e-mail to LaineN ( saying that you have bought VIP via SMS. The e-mail shall also include your nick and your SteamID.

Example 1 – Buy VIP on NoBlocks, with SteamID STEAM_0:0:12345678

Text: BTVIP noblocks STEAM_0:0:12345678

To number: 72550

Example 2 – Buy VIP on EasyBlocks, with SteamID STEAM_0:1:87654321

Text: BTVIP easyblocks STEAM_0:1:87654321

To number: 72550

Example 3 – Buy VIP on NoSlowDown (MoneyMod), with SteamID STEAM_0:0:99999999

Text: BTVIP noslowdown STEAM_0:0:99999999

To number: 72550


To pay with PayPal, you shall click on the server you want to buy VIP on below and log in to your PayPal account. If you do not have a PayPal account, you shall click Continue below Don't have a PayPal account?, and then fill in your peronal particulars and some information about your bank card. When you are at the page where you confirm your payment, it is very important that you write your SteamID in the Enter your SteamID section, so LaineN can make you to VIP. Finally, click on Donate 50.00 SEK Now. If you do not know how to find your SteamID, you can see it at the bottom of How to pay.

Bank transfer

If you want to pay with a normal bank transfer, it is possible. Unfortunately it can take up to three working days for LaineN to get the money.

To pay with a bank transfer you shall e-mail LaineN (, and tell him that you want to buy VIP and pay with a bank transfer. When LaineN sees the mail he will reply with further instructions.

Find your SteamID

You can see your SteamID when you are writing "status" in the console. That command will give you some information about all the players on the server. When you find your own line, look for something with the format STEAM_0:X:XXXXXXXX; that is your SteamID.


Bollnas Team reservs the right to remove your VIP at any time, if LaineN thinks that you are abusing your benefits.